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OET Special Speaking Videos

OET special speaking video sessions would make you competent and improve your fluency and accent well. Our purpose-built videos would help you achieve your accent and fluency level quickly. You would reach a level where your pronunciation is easily understood, and prosodic features ( stress, intonation, rhythm ) are used effectively. You would have a …

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OET Special Writing Videos

COURSE OVERVIEW This OET writing Special videos delves deeply into each assessment criterion and stages of writing the letter, which, when used together, will have a substantial learning impact and develop the skills required to pass the test with a grade of B or above. The detailed video explanation by the instructor that allows you …

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OET Tips Videos

These OET tips videos are beneficial and most encouraging to crack the exam really faster. The tips are very carefully chosen after expert discussions. Many recent tips are added which would help the candidates get updated with the changing trend of OET exam pattern and the new competencies required by the controller of OET exams. 

OET Special Reading Classes

Complete 5 sets of recorded videos of reading modules. The videos focus more on the various tips and methods to develop reading skills with ease.  The videos are made by highly expert OET professionals.

OET Grammar Focused Videos

OET Grammar focused videos will help the students to build their grammar level confidently without mistakes. These Purpose-built grammar videos aim to improve their linguistic ability constantly. These videos are mainly focused on OET centred grammar, and therefore, the example used in the videos are from real work scenarios.  Our Experts will centre more to …

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