This is a provision to book our highly productive live zoom sessions. This program includes 30 OET live zoom group sessions of Writing, speaking and reading. You will be given one-month complete access to our zoom session, and the zoom link will be sent to you daily. 



oet live zoom session


This course includes:

The zoom sessions are instrumental in building your skills faster in a short time. Most of these sessions are generally very detailed and deep, and students get opportunities to practice. As it is a group session candidates get an opportunity to know how others respond to the tasks. In this session candidate can not choose their time; however, the zoom sessions are mostly conducted in the evening Indian time at 7 pm. 

The reading classes are practice sessions where students get opportunities to do the task in front of the expert, and the live corrections will enhance the skills faster. The experts also will show several different tips and methods to do each session. 

Writing sessions are case note discussions and selecting relevant and irrelevant information before an expert will build students’ confidence. The experts will practically teach them to concise the case note and about sound sentence build-up. 

Grammar classes are OET focused grammar, and all tenses and other linguistics areas are discussed in deep. 

₹ 5,000

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