This is a provision to get your letter corrected by our OET experts. This program includes 30 IELTS Task 1 and 2 corrections and voice messages followed by each correction. We use acrobat adobe reader correction methods to correct your letter. 



ielts writing correction


This course includes:

Under this provision, the candidate will get detailed corrections by the expert and voice instruction to improve. A total of 30 IELTS task 1 or 2 are corrected. This programme is most suitable for students who opt for self-study. A personised score will also be sent to you after each session, and this will provide you with an instant understanding of your performance. Moreover, an exam readiness test will be conducted towards the end of the course to determine if you are ready for the exam.  Our expert team’s quality correction will build your writing skills and confidence to face the exam well. 

₹ 6,500

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