This course includes 2 hours of one to one sessions with an expert OSCE trainer. OSCE focused foundation course aims to prepare the students well with theoretical stations of OSCE and provide basic knowledge about the practical station.  The course also includes 25 + OSCE updated materials and many ebooks to prepare the students competitive to face the exam smoothly.




The five hours of one to one OSCE practice session will provide you with a detailed understanding of theoretical stations of OSCE and basic idea about the practical station too. During the session, the expert OSCE trainer will teach how you should perform in an assessment station, how planning to be done, how you are expected to perform in an implementation station and How you should attempt evaluation station. 

The course also includes many relevant and updated materials and resources from OSCE portal. Ebooks and different care plan models are also provided. 

The stations Include 

A – Patient-Centred Assessment

P – Planning Care

I – Implementation

E – Evaluation


Some Tips 

  • Be attentive to verbal and written instructions and clarify any questions with the examiner before you begin.
  • Check all the equipment that you are going to use during each station.
  • Stay cool  and very focused
  • Tell  the assessor if you forget to perform something, some times you may still have time to do it
  • Keep an eye on the time
  • Communicate with the patient 
  • On completion,  check that you have completed the task
osce foundation course

₹ 12,000

This course includes:

₹ 12,000

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